"We help you experience Iceland the way Iceland is meant to be experienced"

Who are we?

JS campers has been in business since 1993. We rent two types of 4X4 pickups with campers. We are a family run business with emphasis on personal service.


Many of our customers have visited us several times through the years taking advantage of our policy of always putting the customer first in order for him to enjoy the vacation he deserves.

Iceland is a unique place to visit and we help you experience the country the way we feel Iceland should be experienced. Our 4-wheel drive pickup cars enable you to drive on the rougher highland roads that cross the middle area of the country. There you can enjoy views and silence like you have never even heard of before

Since you‘re travelling with your sleeping and cooking facilities you can stop and camp almost wherever you want to. We take pride in making your visit as enjoyable as possible and provide 24hr service throughout your stay.

"Our trip to Iceland was absolutely perfect, and it was greatly thanks to you."
–Guillaume, Paris, France
"I do recommend JS for yourself driving tour of beautiful Iceland."
–Andrea Cenacchi, Italy
""Renting with JS Rentals is really simple.""
–Claire Régnier, France